A Night to Remember

Saturday, June 6th, masons from around the state gathered at the Spartanburg Masonic Temple to honor one of Inman’s own, R.W.B. Bruce Chennery.  Dinner was served to a packed room, then the roasters ascended the dais to give the audience and R.W.B. Bruce “A Night to Remember”.  Roasters included Worshipful Brothers Paul McWilliams and Jeff Honeycutt, R.W. Brothers Tommy Watson, Ray Moore, Mark O’Shields and Michael D. Smith, and M.W. Brothers Gerald Carver and Barry Rickman, with R.W.B. Trent Henderson serving as the Roast Master.  Laughter filled the room as each roaster raised the temperature with their speeches, but it can safely be said that Bruce’s wife, Glenna Chennery, stole the show with her appearance at the podium.  M.W.B. William Rogers was the final speaker before Bruce Chennery, the Man of the Hour, “gave as good as he got”.  It was a night full of hilarity, and hopefully the AFM Club, who sponsored the event, will plan more fun for us in the future.