Grand Lodge 2015

The Grand Lodge proceedings for 2015 were held in North Charleston on April 23rd & 24th at the Embassy Suites Convention Center.  During the convention, there was much fellowship and comradery as brothers from across the state convened for this communication.  The Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina elected M.W.B. William B. Rogers to the Grand East to serve as Grand Master for 2015-2016.  R.W.B. William R. Logan, Jr. was elected as Deputy Grand Master.  R.W.B. Michael D. Smith of Landrum 278 was elected to Senior Grand Warden.  R.W.B. Walter Calhoun Disher, II was elected to the chair of Junior Grand Warden and M.W.B. Jack A. Marler continues as Grand Treasurer.   M.W.B. Gerald L. Carver was elected to the chair of Grand Secretary after M.W.B. G. Ray Marsh announced his retirement and was given the title of Grand Secretary Emeritus.  Jerry L. Phillips also announced his retirement as Grand Chaplain, and A. Robert Nix, who was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason in Whitney Lodge in 1974, was elected to the chair.   
Brothers from around the 19th, 20th and 21st districts were appointed to Grand Lodge positions.  W.B. James E. Hayes, III of Converse-Cowpens 210 was appointed as Grand Standard Bearer.  W.B. Edward Herschberger of Landrum 278 was appointed as Junior Grand Deacon.  W.B. Eric Timmons of Lone Oak 372 was appointed as Grand Steward.  R.W.B. John T. Fawcett of Calhoun 81 was appointed as District Deputy Grand Master of the 19th district, R.W.B. Guy Burrell appointed as DDGM of the 20th district, and R.W.B Robert W. Culp appointed as DDGM of the 21st District. 
Other notable events involving the brethren of Spartanburg County included R.W.B. Sam Turner, III presenting M.W.B. David J. Dechant with a framed portrait of George Washington from the brothers of the “Put George Washington Back In School” team.  R.W.B. Trent Henderson, PDDGM of the 20th district, was presented with the Fredrick Dalcho Certificate of Merit.  The brethren of Spartan 70 presented M.W.B. William B. Rogers with a masonic puzzle box, and the Landrum Lodge 278 golf team took home the first place trophy in the Grand Lodge Annual Golf Tournament.  We congratulate all these brethren for their accomplishments as they continue their masonic journeys.