Inman's New Look

In late 2014, Worshipful Brother Paul McWilliams facilitated a purchase of 70 chairs from Walden Lodge located in Greenville, SC.  With the vote of the lodge, Inman purchased these chairs which matched perfectly with the blue color scheme of the lodge.  In order to compensate for the chair purchase, Inman asked the membership for donations of $35 per chair, which were bought up very quickly.  Brass inscription plates for the donors was included in the donation price, which are to be installed on the chairs at a later date.  The brethren of the lodge stepped up to the task of installing the chairs in the lodge, which proved to be a bit more of a task than removing the old chairs.  Risers were built for the chairs in the North and South, as well as platforms to install an additional four chairs on each side of the Senior Warden’s station in the West.  Two chairs were also installed in the East.  A platform was also built in the South to place the Masonic grandfather clock which was donated by Brother Randy Cobb in December, 2013.  The altar and the Officers’ stations were also painted to more closely match the colors of the chairs and carpet.  If possible, please come out soon to visit with us and see how beautiful our lodge has become with the diligent assistance of our brethren