Ladies & Awards Night

Inman Masonic Lodge held the annual Ladies & Awards Night on November 7th.  Attendees were treated to a down-home country dinner of cubed steak and gravy with rice, pinto beans, fried cabbage and sweet potato soufflé, as well as banana pudding and coconut cake.  After the wonderful meal, all of the officers of the Lodge were presented with their certificates of appreciation and plaques.  Two special awards were then presented to two very deserving brothers.  The Master and Wardens of 2015 presented Brother Ken Kuszmaul with the 150% Award, and the brethren of Inman Masonic Lodge voted to present Brother Steven Setzer with the Mason of the Year award, both for their outstanding service to the lodge for the past year.  After the awards, Worshipful Brother Steve Pinker and his wife Patsy presented all the ladies with a gift of a necklace or bracelet, and then let the ladies choose from a large selection of accessories for their jewelry.  Thanks to Worshipful Brother Steve and Patsy for a wonderful evening!