The True Christmas Spirit

For Christmas this year, Inman Masonic Lodge decided to donate money for gifts for a resident of Golden Age Retirement Home.  Brother Stephen Parris and his wife Carolyn volunteered to present the gifts to the resident on December 16th, which consisted of essentials like sweat pants and shirts, socks and skin lotion.  At the Parris’ arrived at the home to present their gifts, they were approached by another resident at the entrance to the home who thought that they were there to visit him.  Looking around the retirement home, they felt that just presenting presents to one individual in a place where they saw so many in need just simply wasn’t enough.  Enlisting the help of our very own Worshipful Brother Santa Claus, they passed out puzzle books, coloring books and socks to all the residents in addition to the gifts for our original recipient.  Brother and Ms. Parris also gave flannel shirts to the resident they met when they first arrived.  They visited with the residents while Santa played songs on the piano for their entertainment.  Thanks to Santa Claus for help making this true showing of Christmas spirit special.  A special thanks goes out to the Parris’ who took the time to give these residents gifts from their own pockets, as well as to a Brother who matched the Lodge’s contribution for this endeavor.  Without this special group of people, some of these folk may not have had any cheer brought their way, and Christmas would have been just another day.