Inman Lodge's Flag Presentation Ceremony

Reported by Stephen E. Pinker, PM:

On July 14th, a ceremony to celebrate our Nation's Flag was held at Inman Masonic Lodge.  The flag presentation was preceded by a fabulous meal prepared by Inman Lodge’s members.  Everyone was then gathered in the main Lodge room for the presentation that WB Ken Kuzmaul had lined up for the evening.  It started off with the presentation of our Nation’s flag, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.   Bro. William Turner, a Past National Sojourner, along with his wife, Patti, gave the presentation of the building of our flag.  It gave bits of history of our flag that some were not aware, such as the size and shape of the stars were left up to the seamstress sewing the flag.  This small detail is how we have 5 pointed stars on our flag today.

After the presentation WB Ken then recognized our first responders and military and thanked them for their service.  He then presented Cornelius Huff, Mayor of Inman, with a flag.  Bro. Turner tells us that, “the flag was flown by Congressman Trey Gowdy (SC-4) for me on February 22nd, George Washington’s Birthday.”  Mayor Huff was greatly surprised and humbled to receive such a gift.  He stated that it would be proudly displayed in City Hall for all to enjoy.  Mayor Huff was given time to speak and reaffirmed how great it was to be invited to such a presentation and that he had never seen our flag presented in such a unique and profound way.  WB Ken then concluded the presentation by telling of the under taking of passing out the flags along with the etiquette booklet, after which he gave the benediction.

Pictures of the event can be viewed here.